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SAFE Inspections,

Wanted to thank you for squeezing in my inspection on (*******) Drive! Great job as always!

Howard Hanna, York, PA

Hello Jeremy,

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
I wanted to let you know just how appreciative I was with the inspection you performed.
You were very detailed in every aspect, which only benefited me and made me happy that you are a good/superior inspector.
I would like for you to share this information with your supervisor so that he/she is aware of the quality of employee they have with their company.
Again, thank you for assisting me with this wonderful experience of purchasing a home.



I wanted you to know that we had settlement this week on the second home you inspected for us. We were so pleased with your services and how helpful they were to us, that we submitted our first ever Angie's List review - on you.

Here is the review. Please be assured we will recommend your service whenever the opportunity arises. Thanks for your professionalism. Have a great holiday weekend!

Chris E

The inspection was so awesome yesterday, please let Scott know that we think he is fantastic! He really helped me to understand what was going on with the house, thanks again!!


Hi! I wanted to thank you for the thorough, professional inspection you conducted on my future home this afternoon. I am equally impressed with the prompt return of your inspection. I never expected to get the results returned the very same day. The inspection for my home took seven days to complete, so this was greatly appreciated.
I will definitely recommend your business to anyone who may be in need of your services.
Thanks again


Thank you very much Jeremy!! For everything. You are wonderful at your job!!!!


Thank you so much for such a thorough inspection of the home! We really appreciate all of your help in this process and will certainly recommend SAFE to all our friends.


Thank you again for taking the time to Do such a thorough job!


We would just like to say "thank you" to Jeremey for being so friendly, professional, and informative. We had a very good experience with Jeremey and SAFE Services.... Thank you!

S-From Red Lion, PA

EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of customer service, level of professionalism, quick responsiveness, and the comprehensive and detail of their report. - 40 pages of written out explanations and pictures of every square inch of the house. I will be recommending them to family and friends!

Ryan from Spring Grove, PA

Scott from S.A. F. E. Inspection Services actually provided us with a whole home inspection on 2 homes that we considered buying. On both he did the complete home inspection, wood destroying Insect report and radon testing. The first test undoubtedly found issues (structural) that we had missed even with an architect friend of ours looking at the house. The report allowed us to revise our offer on the house to include the cost of repairs. That first seller ultimately refused our offer and removed the home from the market. The second home Scott inspected for us again found things we had not seen - this time more minor. We again revised our offer based on the home inspection - this time our offer was accepted by the seller. We took possession of the home yesterday.

I cannot say enough good about S.A.F.E.'s services. We have owned 2 houses before - both new, so we did not have any experience buying used homes (both homes inspected were over 60 years old). We contacted several Inspection Services and S.A.F.E. was the only one to get back to us promptly. We were present during both inspections, and Scott and his colleague were both there doing the inspections. There were very professional and thorough. The over 2 hour inspections checked every faucet, toilet and sink - discovering significant plumbing issues we had missed in the first house. Their inspection of the foundations, roof, wiring and chimneys also found significant issues for us in both houses. They explained things to us as they went along and provided a written report with lots of pictures within 2 days of the inspection that was critical to our negotiations with the seller over price and subsequently very helpful to us in getting bids for contractors for repairs. They gave us piece of mind that we did in fact know what we were getting ourselves into. I would recommend Scott and S.A.F.E. Inspection Service to anyone. I have never written an Angie's List review before (though I have used many) - I felt I needed to write this one since this service was so successful for us to feel good about the house we wound up with and the price we paid.

Hi Scott!

Thank you so much for the great write up on the inspection, the detailed descriptions are so helpful.

I really appreciated the time you spent explaining everything too.


My husband was very impressed with your work. When we find a home that we want to purchases we will be contacting you to do the inspection. Thank you again.


Thank you so very much, Scott. It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate the quick turnaround between the inspection and your report. Very impressive. Have a great weekend.

Deb & Tim

I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed participating in the inspection and appreciate you getting me in at the last minute. The last time we moved was in '89 so pulling up roots and moving up to Stewartstown is exciting but pretty nerve-racking too. Being able to talk with you, Scott, and to have the confidence that I know what I'm buying has been crucial in giving Diane and me peace of mind and we can't thank you enough. I also value my "client for life" status and you can be pretty sure you'll hear from me again! Just wanted to reiterate my thanks to you both and until we cross paths again....

Diane and Randy

Hello S.A.F.E.
Thank you so much for the short turn around. I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased and impressed by Jeremy and Tami. Again, thanks for everything and I look forward to working with you again.


Thank you so much for your service. It was great getting the report so promptly. My daughter said that it was so worthwhile having you do the inspection. I really appreciate all the care you gave my next home.


Thanks so much Scott - we really appreciate your thoroughness. Good to be informed!

Thanks, Rebecca

Tami & Scott,
First, I'd like to reiterate my daughter's words in the below email. Honestly, in my 25+ years in the real estate business, I have not seen such a thorough home inspection report. Only twice that I remember I did get very "detailed" reports, one which both my buyers and I totally disagreed with and we all thought the guy was just trying to prove his work was serious (sorry for the negativity) but it was before all the certifications were imposed and the other was so out-of-line and which caused the buyers to back out even though findings were not there in following inspections by a septic guy who explained the pics he took of a septic tank and the "cracks" were actually concrete molds of the frame to make it and another home inspector who rolled his eyes regarding numerous things in the house and chimney by exposing things "that were" and actually were NOT! You've earned my respect on this one.

-- Parker

Scott did an exceptional job inspecting this property and I am so glad we chose S.A.F.E. Inspection Services. We were blown away by the detailed nature of the report and we will happily recommend S.A.F.E. Inspection Services to friends & family who are looking for a home inspection.
-- Andrea

Hi Scott and Tami, Thanks so much for your thoroughness, helpful pictures, and answering my many questions at the end of a long day. And thanks for the quick turnaround on the report, hope you get to enjoy a holiday break now!


I just wanted to say that the two fellas that came out in the snow/rain to do my inspection were not only super informative, but also very nice. They took the time to explain things to me, and even to my 12 year old daughter who tagged along. Thank you!


Scott, Your report looks great. I was impressed by the report and the site inspection, and that's uncommon due to my field experience. It's been a real pleasure. Thanks


This was my first inspection with Jeremy and wanted you and Scott to know that he did a very nice job! Talks a little fast and quietly sometimes but very good job, explained findings, not an alarmist and very respectful to my clients! Great representative for your company.


Thank you, Tami! Marge said that Scott was incredibly thorough and professional and we appreciate good work!

John and Marge

Scott, I expected a thorough and detailed report; you did not disappoint. Thank you. In all my years of buying and selling homes this is the most comprehensive home inspection report I have ever received. I will recommend you to friends and family without reservation.


We are very pleased with the report and the thorough job Scott did with the inspection. An impressive performance.

Thank you to Scott for his outstanding work and responsiveness to all of my questions and comments.

Craig S.

Tami - thanks so much! It was great to meet Scott today (who is exceptionally thorough - but you knew that!).


Thank you so much for doing the inspection this morning. We really appreciate you taking time out from your Sunday to do this. Have a great evening.